April 15, 2011

how OPRAH realized me bout ME >>!!!


wake up from sleep with a messy face!! k, ablution, SUBUH of course, then i'll take my remote..
titt.. astro... ch 702 Hallmark..hehe OPRAH show!! yeah taking my warm milo and pieces of cream crackers.. i sit in front of my gray tv while my pillow i put aside.hehe nice morning always.. oprah had opened our "unlock mind" with a very fresh news and about people out there. how they overcome their life and survive with their surrounding.. for example, there was a flower designer who made such a fantastic flower with new design. but when oprah asked him where did he learn, did he well-practice this before he started his job but he simply said " no, that was my first time doing that, before this i was a model but i moved to Paris for this job. oh, i just try my luck here and this is miracle!"

apa yang ana dapat di sini ialah dia berani mencuba.. dia juga ada katakan yang dia buat itu atas dasar minat. so kalau kita minat apa-apa sahaja bidang itu, u know what? just go for it! jangan teragak-agak.. ha teruskan.. thanks a lot for this show! i love it!

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